Darkan Basketball Club


Welcome to the Darkan Junior Basketball Club Website!

There are only 3 more games before Christmas!

The Middis and Biddis teams play every Thursday evening at 6pm at the Darkan Sports Complex. Plus adults and high school aged children are invited to join in the fun and have a game after the junior games at around 7.30pm!

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Free Throw Competition

Only $1 for 3 attempts. Current totals to beat: Biddies-0, Middies-1, Adults-1. So you have a great chance of taking the lead. Remember there are only three games left until the Christmas Break so have your go soon. Winner gets half the money collected and the other half goes to the Basketball Club. See Bec or Adrian South to have your go any time before or after games on a Basketball Night.

13 December 2012 

Don't miss the date! There will be a big seniors game for adults and high school aged children and it will be a great chance for boarding students to catch-up! Let your friends know!











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